Merging components from other files

  1. From the main menu, select File/Merge... This will prompt you to open the file containing the components you want to load into your existing character. Select a file and click 'Open'.
  2. After you do this you will see the Merge dialog which displays the contents of the file in a treeview. To the left of the treeview there is also a shortcut menu which can be used to navigate to each top level object in the character that was loaded. In the treeview, check the items that you want to merge and uncheck any that should not be merged. Note that unchecking items with children will uncheck all child items of that node and checking child items will check all parent items up to the root. You can also use the 'Check All' button to check all children of the selected item. By default all non-system objects are checked. When you have checked all items you want to merge, click 'OK'.

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